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Hano CPAs Inc. performs accounting services for a variety of industries including, but not limited to, service companies, construction companies, contractors, subcontractors, manufacturing companies, and wholesale companies. Whether you are starting a new business or you operate an existing business, Hano CPAs Inc. is devoted to working with you to ensure you reach your financial goals. We will take the time to evaluate your business and understand your company goals. Our services will assist you in improving your financial reporting, minimizing your taxes, and attaining your goals.

We provide our clients with a full range of accounting services. These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Accounting services & support

The most important aspect of our job is to analyze your financial position. After a thorough analysis of your company, we will develop a plan tailored to your goals. We will pinpoint potential problems and offer solutions. We will advise you on ways to achieve results, make future decisions, and provide you with advice in order to maintain success.


Services provided through our accounting group include:

  • Preparation of financial statements

  • Preparation of business and individual tax returns

  • Corporate and individual tax planning

  • Estate planning

  • Retirement planning

  • Management advice

  • Financing assistance

  • Assist internal accounting department


Audit, Risk & Compliance

The overall objective of an independent audit is for your CPA firm to provide reasonable assurance that your financial statements are fairly presented in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). This allows for an unbiased opinion on your reports, which investors and lenders will request before committing resources to your company.


Reasons your company may need auditing:


  • Your company is expanding and needs to obtain additional financing.

  • Your company has internal accountants who handle your financing, but you want independent assurance of the accuracy of your financial statements.

  • You are selling or plan to sell your business in the future and the buyer wants to verify your company’s financial statements.


Hano CPAs Inc. will audit your financial statements and offer an objective opinion on the accuracy and fairness of these statements. We will examine your internal accounting process, and ensure any risks or material misstatements are identified and appropriately managed. Having our firm perform audits for your company will increase credibility and ensure the accuracy of your financial reporting. 

Financial Consulting and Projections

As a business owner, you should ask yourself: Am I paying too much? Am I selling for too little? How can I better distribute my money?

If any of these concern you, our experience will help you find the answers. Hano CPAs Inc. has been providing companies with solutions to these common questions for many years. We listen to your concerns, analyze your data, and get to know you or your business to the best of our ability. This allows us to offer our recommendations for you to improve the quality of your business. We will break down accounting information and explain to you in everyday language in order for you to easily understand your financial situation.

Some specific areas in which we provide consulting are:

  • Preparation of business valuation

  • Financial management (budgets, projections, cash flow forecasts, receivables and payables management)

  • General management consulting to improve business operations

  • Complete consultation for starting a new business

  • Lease vs. buy analyses

  • Family business matters

  • Succession planning

Tax Planning and Management

Due to the complexity of tax laws, and the frequent changes made to them by Congress, it is very important to understand tax consequences and minimize your tax liability. Whether you are a new or an existing business, tax planning with professional advice is the key to minimizing your tax liability.

Hano CPAs Inc. will make running your business easier by keeping you up to date with any changes in tax laws, rules, and regulations, and will provide guidance on how these changes will impact your company.

Tax consulting services may be used in projections, stock redemptions, retirement planning, estate planning, sales and use tax refund claims, employment tax and worker's compensation, trust distribution planning, and inheritance tax administration.

Our firm offers tax preparation and consulting services in the following areas:


  • Individual income taxes

  • Corporate Taxes

  • State and local taxes

  • Employment taxes

  • Estate taxes

  • Multi-state taxes

  • Personal property taxes

Cash Flow and Budget Analyses

Do you as a business owner understand exactly where and how your money is being distributed? You or your company may have cash flow issues and not even know it. A business can be profitable and still run into trouble due to cash flow issues. We have seen companies fall into this situation numerous times, therefore we can help prevent this from happening to your company. Hano CPAs Inc. can help your business better distribute its money, as well as find solutions to problems or mistakes.


We will set up your individual cash flow chart and cash flow analyses, and will quickly be able to show you exactly where your money is going. We will recommend changes in order for you to better control your cash flow. We can also forecast and evaluate your company's financial condition, estimate financing requirements, and track cash flow sources and uses. 

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